George and Julia's Vegan Underground

Cinnamon Snail Vegan Food Truck

I couldn’t resist another Cinn Snail experience. The entire menu looks amazing do I decided today that I would just start from the top and work my way down until I’ve tried everything. Today’s feast, the Lemongrass Spice Seitan – 5 spices, Szechuan chili sauce, curried cashews, greens and wasabi mayonnaise on a grilled baguette. You get the idea. It was about nice walk (8 blocks or so) to today’s location on 47th and Park. It’s a vegan’s dream come true but tasty in any world. This was a hearty sub and I seriously full. The nuts give it a texture often lacking in these types. If it was healthy, it sure didn’t taste it. It packed a punch and ate like a sloppy bistro sandwich. Loved it! I also treated myself (hey it’s Good Friday/Passover) to a Chocolate marshmallow cookie. Vegan heaven I tell you. Follow them on twitter, find them, eat them, enjoy your new life. You’re not missing anything!



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