George and Julia's Vegan Underground

Spekuloos for the Rest O’ You’s

The sunny yellow Wafels and Dinges truck is the source for many-a-vegan’s sadness. While Julia’s suggestion to the truck’s manager for a vegan version of the sugary temptation fell on deaf ears, it’s not completely off limits.
The tasty gingerbread spread that iced the wafel that beat Bobby Flay, is vegan. Although, not advertised the ingredients check out. The manager and smiling workers concurred.

It’s called Spekuloos and you may not want to spoon up truckside. They sell it in jars off-the-truck for 7 bucks. Julia and I have spent many a TV evening spreading it on apples, toast or crackers. Julia also puts it on our Oatmeal. A treat indeed.


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