George and Julia's Vegan Underground

Easter is Hoppin’

It’s hard to manage a more delightful brunch than the country charm that is the newly remodeled Sun in Bloom (Bergen and Flatbush – Park Slope Brooklyn). Sorry Michael and Darla (thanks again for the invite), I promised Julia some vegan magic.  Rosewater is too eggstraordinary, if you get me.

Sun in Bloom speaks to all styles of vegan including but not limited to: raw/living, juice fasters, gluten-free vegans, tofu junkies and more. I hear their gluten-free chocolate chip cookie sandwiches were the toast of the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival last month. We’d raise a glass to that.

So given it was Easter Sunday/Passover , I wanted to show Julia something special. Julia had been recently challenged having been quarantined to small towns in Pennsylvania. I had gone to Sun in Bloom solo and raved about a pesto-tofu scramble with a side of shitake mushroom “bacon” (they nailed the texture and flavor).

Our meal received 5 out of a possible 5 Moby’s. Julia’s BLT wrapped with collard greens was crunchy, fresh and everything a BLT should be (thanks again shitake bacon).  I went with their take on the classic huevos rancheros wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, delicious. Sun in Bloom, we will be back. Keep up the great work.


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