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Mac and Cheese, Lean and Mean, Raw and Vegan

 I’m going to come right out and say what amounts to vegan blasphemy.  Some call it brufax, nooch, yeshi or savory yeast flakes.  Most of us knows it as nutritional yeast and it does not cut it as a cheese substitute.  Who can trust such a boasting.  It’s not “tasty,” it’s “nutritional”.”  I figure it’s an acquired taste or maybe I’m using too much.  Until I can figure it out the correct dose, here comes cashew.  Cashews have been appearing in the vegan world as cream cheese, cheese, sour cream and even ice cream.  I love it.  First soy, then coconut and today, the ones who cut the edge do it with cashews.

Like a laboratory for vegan, raw and farm-to-table food, Free Foods invent and represent the trends.  Today’s Free Foods raw selection:  “Mac and Cashew Cheese.”  When I explained my lunch to a co-worker, they scratched their head several times.  This was Mac and Cheese in name only.  It took no elements of the original.  Traditional Mac and Cheese is cooked, with cheese from a cow (or sheep or goat), and includes macaroni pasta.  The Free Foods take is uncooked, void of dairy cheese and contains no Mac (the macaroni subsitute is sliced squash).  It really blows the mind.  The Kraft  Corporation might have them arrested.

In conclusion, I did not get that sluggish and bloated feeling I have come to expect when eating a big bowl of Mac and Cheese.  Today I felt full, alert and alive.  I love being alive (ask anybody).  Truth be told, the “Cash Mac” was a bit on the mild side.  It was light on the salt and spices and I know my Julia would have added some Frank’s hot sauce.  Other than that, a fine take on the American, fatty, void-of-nutrition classic.  You know who has got to try this?  Bill Clinton. 

Free Foods is located on 45th Street between 5th and 6th Ave.



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