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Nizza – Gluten-Free Italian?

So what about the vegans? When my friend from Arizona comes to town, picking a restaurant can be tricky. We like to keep it close to the theatre district (because we usually see a play). The difficulty comes with fare. You see my friend is gluten-free and I’m, you know. So essentially I get a taste of my own “I’m a pain in the ass” medicine.

Truth be told, my friend is quite easy-going and happy with a salad. Taking an out-of-towner to get salad doesn’t sit right with the guy who claims to know food. To the rescue is Nizza, Italian food for everyone. They’ve got a pizza made from a gluten-free chick pea crust(Socco) and well, you know me, I just roll sans cheese.

We both agreed our za was delicious(although the chick pea crust was a bit fragile). Nizza actually has a separate gluten-free menu with over a dozen options. It’s their thing really. Niche’ and quality, you can hardly go wrong. I wonder if some poor Italian person found out they had a gluten allergy and had to invent incredible gluten-free Italian. That is how (I believe) Nizza was born.

So what does gluten-free have to do with the vegan underground. I’m sure you have noticed a lot of gluten free items at your favorite vegan place. While it does not exactly work both ways, when going to a gluten-free friendly joint, one thing is almost guaranteed. They know exactly what goes into their food. Our waitress pointed out every possible option for me including dishes that could be easily modified. That’s pretty rare for me. I appreciated it. They care, go there. That’s my motto this week.  Nizza is on 9th Ave just South of 45th


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