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Chipotle is vegan fast food paradise

When in a bind on what to eat, I’ve quickly discovered that Subway is reliant on veggie sandwiches. But when I’m looking for flavor and culinary nirvana, I’ll stop at Chipotle. I adore the Burrito bowls topped with vegetarian black beans, fresh crispy lettuce and a scoop of guacamole. Plus you can never go wrong with the cilantro lime rice. They use soy oil not butter in it.

When I’m jonesing for Mexican, specifically Chipotle and I dont want to drop the cash, it’s easy enough to make from home. Make brown rice, add a tablespoon of earth balance. When it’s finished add fresh cilantro, juice from half a lemon and juice from a whole lime. Then salt and pepper to taste. It’s not quite the same as what you get from the chain restaurant. But it’s certainly a great contender.

Homemade burrito bowl inspired by Chipotle.


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One thought on “Chipotle is vegan fast food paradise

  1. Chipolte is smart to have vegan options. They are packed in Midtown during lunch and I know a lot of vegan/vegetarians that go there just for non-meat with flavor.

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