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Falafel Debacle

I originally had plans to report on the 2012 falafel wars of Midtown Manhattan. Then, the falafel supply came to a screeching halt due to Passover (Friday April 6th- Saturday April 14th). All of a sudden there was nothing, I mean nothing: no Taim, no Crisp, no SoomSoom, not even Moshe’s! The falafel is the hamburger, chicken nuggets and/or fries of the vegan world. Imagine carnivores, that one day all MacDonald’s, Wendy’s and I don’t know, Bill’s Burger Bar closed for a whole week. Devastating, right? So as I will discuss on a non-Passover week, the falafel phenomenon that has taken the tasty kosher addiction and actually raised it to a higher gourmet level (and in some cases rolled it up to my building in a truck) is all tumbleweeds. I don’t remember this problem last year so I can only assume I am a changed man who now lives for falafel. I mean no offense. The religious conviction is truly impressive. My falafel-free week has really made me take a good hard look at myself and how much falafel I have become. It really should come as no surprise that there is a religious element to it.


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