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Juice Fasting

Like the gluen-free niche, vegan establishments are riding the juice-fast bandwagon. Perhaps inspired by the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead which followed a pill- pitching, pound-dropping Aussie turns his life around using only determination, fresh produce and a juicer.

Now I don’t know the statistics or science of it but as a healthy alternative to actual food it seems to be a no-brainer (or is it). Careful not to make it too sweet. Carrots, apples and berries have a lot of sugar. Juice out the fiber and…okay, I really am just guessing here.

Julia and I have been juicing for months. While our juice-fast only lasted 2 days, we find starting the day with fresh kale, celery, lemon grapefruit, jalapeno juice is even more uplifting than coffee.

Now if you subscribe to these juice-fast services from places like One Lucky Duck, Sun in Bloom or Organic Avenue, expect to pay 40-120 per day. I think we’ll just stick to making it ourselves with Food Coop organic produce.


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2 thoughts on “Juice Fasting

  1. I love juicing!! I agree that it’s extremely invigorating. I am making my usual green juice tonight, but throwing in some beets, since I found some at the farmers market yesterday.

  2. I love beets but Julia is not a fan. I use the orange/golden beets so it doesn’t stain my cutting board

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