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Safety Cone

Having given up on receiving a formal apology from Pinkberry, I decided to take the high road on this one. Before I do that, let me point out that, although I didn’t get an apology from Pinkberry, I did get a response. It was (you guessed it) a coupon for one free 6 ounce Pinkberry, the exact amount that nearly sold me the farm. Do they even read their mail OR were they sending me a message? Okay, maybe that didn’t happen (channeling Mike Daisey)

Regardless, I move on acknowledging that
ice cream remains a fond memory of a non-vegan me. Is there a substitute for dairy ice cream, I mean a true substitute? As my palate changes so must my desserts. I had read about this place Stogo that was reinventing ice cream for a new generation.

Armed with celebrity ties in a neighborhood that embraces the unique, Stogo a dairy-free scoop heaven makes perfect sense for everyone. If 90 percent of the population will eventually become lactose intolerant (citation probably a good idea here), imagine the enormous void Stogo is capitalizing on. If you can make it taste good, you’ll certainly win. Ever wonder why there’s so sub par dairy-free ice cream. The demand is enormous and obvious.

So Breyer’s, Hagan Daas, and Pinkberry, perhaps it’s time to think outside the box before the crunch granola types and celebrity relatives take all your money. I’ll tell you my opinion of Stogo in my next post.


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