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Vegans That Rock!

Give it up for Friday’s Vegans That Rock!  She loves rock n’ roll but meat and dairy, not one bit.  “The only thing I love more than rock and roll is animals,” says legendary singer/songwriter/guitarist Joan Jett.  Now a vegan, Joan protested against McDonald’s CEO’s very bad reputation for cruel slaughtering techniques and was a lead spokesperson for PETA’s Vegetarian/Vegan Starter kit in 2011.  The ex-Runaway, looks great and says her vegan diet gives her more energy on stage.  On the road, she keeps it simple: pasta with marinara or a veggie burger.  She points out that vegan options are more available these days thanks to all the anti-lactos out there.  Keep strummin’ and screamin’ Joan! We love you, a Vegan That truly Rocks!

PETA McCruelty campaign in 2010


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