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M.O.B. Rules

It’s really hard to get your head around Maimonide (pronounced My-Mon-A-Dees).  Just call it M.O.B. (Maimonide of Brooklyn).  Meet me at…see…it is not easy to say or tell someone about.  Enough of my ignorance, Maimonide was a Jewish Philosopher.  I looked it up.  I’m still not sure how we found this place.  Their website is just a YouTube video of the neighborhood.  Even though the place is 100% vegan, there’s no reference to the v-word.

Our waiter’s answer to the vegan question:  “it is wholesome food, good for nourishing your body and happens to be all vegan.”  I loved this guy.  He seemed legitimately happy that we were there.  I asked a lot of questions and he told me the story of M.O.B.’s owner, a French hotel tycoon who became vegan to impress a woman and who is obsessed with 80’s Brooklyn culture (which is probably why the menu comes with a M.O.B. comic book).

The interior is incredible, cathedral ceilings, 24 foot communal tables.  On the wall are vegetables on wooden plaques to look like trophy kills.  “This tomato died for gazpacho.”  At the end of our meal we were asked to draw something on a laminated card that was promptly put on the wall.  I was dizzy.  We’re they just messing with our heads?

Their signature dish is called the “M.O.B..”  It’s a gourmet mini pizza shaped like a boat (or as they say, like the Brooklyn Bridge), with names like “Iron Man” and “Face Calmer,”  they’re absolutely delicious.  They nourished our bodies.   We shared a more traditional brunch item, a biscuit sandwich which was southern-style delish.  It even tasted buttery.  Everything was stick-to-your-belly greatness.  They even have a dessert M.O.B. which was chocolate-banana in nature.

The place is just freaking cool.  When you walk in, you will immediately start making a list of the out-of-towners and/or love interests you will want to bring and impress.  They are open until Midnight and there’s a even a D.J. some days.  It’s got so much that I hope it is not its own downfall.  I saw people looking in and walking by, probably wondering what was going on in there.

Is it bad marketing or is it just banking on it being a cool word-of-mouth place so hip, it doesn’t even have a legitimate website or clear review?  They’ve even got a lovely outdoor area.  The staff is way too friendly to qualify for hipster snobbery.  There’s almost a cult feel to it.  I thought it over and found myself there the very next day eating some kale and grits and watching a live country duo.  M.O.B. cannot be defined.  Deal with it because you don’t want to miss this.

Rated 5 out of 5 Mobys –  Maimonide Of Brooklyn – M.O.B USA Inc, 525 Atlantic Ave(between 3rd and 4th Avenue), Brooklyn, NY


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2 thoughts on “M.O.B. Rules

  1. Katie on said:

    That sounds great! Wish we had one in Houston.

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