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When in doubt go Asian

Whenever I’m in a bind for some delicious animal-free grub, I tend to go Asian. Whether it’s sushi, Thai, Vietnamese or Chinese, it always hits the spot and leaves me feeling guilt-free.Image

So where are some hot spots we like to hit up in Brooklyn? Well there’s quite a few:

Beet (Thai)

Dao Palate (Vegan Pan-Asian)

Tofu (Chinese)

Moim (Korean)

Red & Hot II (Chinese)

Mura (Japanese Fusion Sushi)

Most of the restaurants above aren’t aimed strictly toward vegans, but you can certainly make it work in your favor. The great thing about it is that most of these restaurants offer either an entire section that’s only vegetarian/ plant-based or they have several awesome meatless dishes. At Mura the Green Peace Roll will knock your socks off. Moim makes a mean tofu Ba Bim Bop, and Korean Taco. You can never go wrong with vegetarian-styled Drunken Noodles from Beet. But if having any of your meal near animal products rubs you the wrong way, you can always just try making it from home. George and I tend to dabble in home cooking some vegan fried rice or stir fry.Image


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