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Vegans That Rock!

It’s time for Friday’s Vegans That Rock!  A plane crash In 2008 left him badly burned.  In 2011 he was released from the hospital and he decided it was time to change his life, running, swimming and going full vegan.  Kicking his pain-killer habit and harnessing the power of vegan living, Travis Barker went back to what he does best, drumming for Blink 182.  The tattooed Dad caught flack a couple months ago when he announced to TMZ that he was raising his kids vegan (gasp!).  What kind of Dad deprives his kids of the greasy, cheesy, meaty, artery clogging death burgers?  Kids need milk.  Kids need meat.  Do they?  Let’s face it, most allergies are connected to dairy and obesity and heart disease is a real meat byproduct.  Way to be a great Dad Travis!  Keep those kids alive and keep hittin ’em hard (the drums, not the kids).  You’re looking great and we don’t care what your age is.  You’re a Vegan that Rocks!


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