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The Ohio Challenge

Flying solo to Ohio to see my family tests my vegan commitment. Julia checked up on me throughout each day. She knew the deal. My Mom helped out a lot, packing the fridge with hummus, almond milk, italian ice, and veggies for days. I was clear that I did not want to be the vegan who spoiled everyone’s dinner.

Like many Ohio households, my parent’s was chock full of things I used to love and now do not eat. There was a cookie jar full of Chips Ahoy. At my nephew’s first communion there had to be a dozen different types of homemade cookies, including rice crispy treats. There was a sheet cake, pizzas were ordered and our first night we ate at a gourmet burger bar. Their veggie burger was not great and they covered it with a yogurt based, granny apple slaw. I usually gain 5 pounds when I go to Ohio but not this time. Thank you vegan diet and thank you Mom for being so helpful. She even made me a stir fry so I had something to eat when the pizzas arrived.


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5 thoughts on “The Ohio Challenge

  1. Katie on said:

    What a great mom! I’m glad that all turned out well for you. I hate burger places the smell is overpowering. Of course I’m still new to this so that is really annoying to me. With luck I won’t be much of a temptation for forever.

    • This burger place was a little down and dirty. I looked inside the kitchen and wish I hadn’t. All I ask for when taken to a burger place is “sweet potato fries”

  2. Want falafel at the Detroit airport, hope you like it dry with pickles…yuck!

  3. Katie on said:

    I know the feeling had to sit and watch 5 people eat my fav cheese pizza tonight. In the end I cheated, but I was really supprised to find that I didn’t like it anymore. Almost 2 weeks and can’t eat my old greesy favories. (I guess that’s a good thing)

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