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Still Juicy

I’m not sure if it is a sickness or good sense but here we are:
6 months of juicing. As many of you know, after seeing the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Julia and I started juicing religiously. Sure, we’ve both missed a day here and there but our commitment to this healthy headache has officially passed fad status. That means every week we buy massive amounts of celery, carrots, kale, ginger, green apples, grapefruits, jalapeños, parsley, cucumbers, beets and lemons. My personal “go-to” drink is a basic “Mean Green:” 1-2 green apples (or one grapefruit), 6 stalks of celery, one small cucumber, 2 inch ginger, handful of parsley, and 2 lemons. Sometimes I throw in some brown rice or hemp seed protein. It’s become a part of waking up. Some people make coffee, we make juice. I can clean the fruits and veggies, juice and wash the juicer in 15 minutes. We both bring a large thermos to work and drink it throughout the day.

So what’s the verdict? We did lose some weight (I am down 20 pound from November 2012). This was not a “juice fast” but juice replaces all my morning eating. It also has reduced my snacking and coffee intake. I have not had a cold since juicing and my digestion is, well fast and often. I feel like the juice acts like one of those bottle brushes, cleaning me from the inside. We both report increased energy and generally feel better. It also is a colorful part of our vegan living. I was never successful with “juice-fasting.” I only last about 2 day and felt miserable (supposedly the feeling was my body detoxing). Juicing works for us and has become a part of our vegan diet and our routine. Who knows how long we’ll keep this up?


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