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Vegans That Rock !!!!!!

This man displayed extreme discipline coining and introducing “Straight Edge,” to the chaos-based Punk/Hardcore music scene in the 1980’s.   Going “straight edge” means no drugs or alcohol (no animal products was the natural next).  Often referred to as the “Don Corleone of the D.C. Punk scene,” this vegan recently celebrated his 50th birthday.  Ian MacKaye, you are truly a Vegan That Rocks!  A Vegan that Punk Rocks!

Why vegan?  MacKaye explains: “When people ask me about my diet, ‘Why don’t you eat meat?’ the response is always, ‘Why not? Why should I?’ I can think of a hundred reasons why I don’t. I’d eat a piece of meat just as soon as I’d eat a piece of shit.”

As lead screamer and lyricist of the band Minor Threat, Ian is a personal hero of mine.  His voice is so great, so unique, so recognizable.  After Minor Threat he invented Emocore or “Emo” with his band Embrace (look it up) and later changed everything with his band, Fugazi.  Still political and never apologetic, MacKaye redefined what it meant to be a rock star.  He’s tough, angry and intense with a sense of purpose but lives a life less cliche’.  Believing in a focused head and life without vice as an escape.  He sometimes comes across as self-righteous, humorless and even scary.  Sounds like a vegan to me (insert winking smiley face here).  Today he still rocks with his wife Amy Farina in the two-piece band The Evens.

Ian Today at 50.

Ian today at 50

Ian talks about, talking about being vegan:  “I don’t engage in these conversations. It’s just ridiculous. It’s not my job. I’m not going to defend my diet—they can fuck off. If they don’t like it, that’s fine. I don’t ask people questions about their diets.”  Still punk!  Happy 50th Ian.  You are truly a Vegan That Rocks!


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