George and Julia's Vegan Underground

Napa’s Oxbow Market

George and I are traveling up the western seaboard (or is it ocean board?) toward Napa, Senoma, and Calistoga areas. We visited George’s cousin who lives in Vallejo and suggested we make a pit stop to Oxbow Market. Well, we did and it was awesome.

It’s a not so little warehouse looking place that’s dolled up and filled with restaurants. Kind of like an upscale food court. You order at the counter and they bring it over to where you’re sitting. We first hit up C Casa which had been recognized THIS YEAR as a noted Michelin Guide Recommend for 2012. It was so fresh and tasty and the servers were super respectful. Of course when in Napa there’s wine too. So I ordered an Avocado taco and paired it with a Chenin Blanc. Delicious. George went the route of iced tea and white bean taco. That too was out of this world. They were more than happy to make it vegan for us, so that was a pleasant surprise after we were told in wine country everything is about over indulgences.

So many food places to choose from here at oxbow market.


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