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Napa Challenge

“Oh no, I ate lard,” I screamed upon discovering my “vegan” burrito had traditional refried beans hidden in the vegetable innards. Julia rolled her eyes at my drama. We had just left the metropolitan vegan paradise( San Francisco) for the breathtaking views of Napa Valley. Most come her for pure indulgence, wine, cheese, duck, steak, chocolate, and other “human-is-king” activities. It really the land of excess or anti-dietary restrictions. Personally I don’t like to refer to vegan as “restricting” but let’s be realistic.

When planning our vacation I specifically chose what the lonely planet proclaimed was “the most unpretentious city in the Napa Valley.”. Should I assume that the rest of Napa was pretentious? Calistoga is famous for ancient natural hot springs and I’ll take that over wine any day.

We had to eat so I scoured my go-to site for vegan friendly restaurants. Only one showed up and it was permanently closed. What’s a George and Julia to do? Stay tuned as we make do as we face one of our toughest challenges a.k.a. “Vegan Impossible.”


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