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Vegans That Rock!

It’s time for Friday’s Vegan That Rock!!!  What does it sound like when doves cry?  No dove would ever be harmed by this purple attired, corvette-loving rocker.  Nobody can deny that this vegan is legend.  He introduced us to a 1999 vegan catered party.   

PETA says he is the world’s sexiest vegan. A vegetarian since 1987, Prince is a hard guy to nail down on his exact vegan proclamation.   He was certainly there in 1999, writing about the evils of wool production on his recording “Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic.”  

But does he rock?  Sure does.  Remember, he used to go crazy .  Need I mention the super bowl performance with a bizarre guitar and a phallic shadow?  Prince is a cool dreamy vegan rock star.

A terrific host, in 2010, Prince prepared a four-course vegan meal for 12 Ebony Magazine staffers.  They loved it!  We’re glad you got out of your contract with Sony and wrote a hit song for fellow vegan Sinéad O’Connor.  We salute you, Prince, go crazy.  You’re truly a Vegan That Rocks!!!


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