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Friday Snail

Some traditions just come to be. One Friday I asked my friend Kennedy to get some “midtown lunch” like us 9-5ers tend to do. A popular food truck stop was a practical destination given the weather and proximity to one another. Fast forward two months later and “Food Truck Friday” has become an understood celebration of another week, work in’ for the man. Participants now include Michael, (the other) George, Bailey and the list keeps growing. Our usual lunch truck spot is 47th and Park. Here’s why.
Boys club aside, as a vegan, I am always steering things to accommodate my need for animal-free grub. While Crisp Falafal is a go-to and Kimchi Taco and Palenque will do in a pinch, the vegan vatican of NYC mobile kitchens remains; Cinnamon Snail.
At most trucks I have two to zero options, at the Snail, I’ve got about thirty. You do the math. It’s like a Toby McGuire fantasyland.
While I wish the snail menu would be a less seitan (wheat gluten)/ fake meat heavy, I cannot deny that everything they do is ridiculous in its deliciousness. This includes their massive bakery selection. I’m getting giddy just thinkin’ about it.

This time I went premium and ordered the raw pizza. Wow, what an experience. It had cashew cheese, a crust made out of nuts, fresh tomatoes, vegetables. It was a small piece of pizza with a spicy kale salad on the side. It was so raw, tasty and filling. Julia ate the other half and she agreed it was a winning dish.

Those who say a vegan food business is destine to fail, might want to check out the Cinnamon Snail’s line. It’s sometimes a block long. It’s worth the wait. It was just voted 2012 best NYC foodtruck…by me.


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