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This is the final post in the “Surviving Napa” series. Bringing our big city expectations of fare variety isn’t fair to the town they call Calistoga. Napa is known for wine and the food that “traditionally” accompanies it. While wine is usually vegan, the cheese and chocolates almost never are.

There came a point we had given up on spectacular and settled into survival mode. When we walked into Calistoga Roastery we still had hope. Like a lost couple in need of directions we laid out our vegan dilemma for the staff of different aged and typed Calistoga local.

The cross section didn’t matter. They were friendly but said we were out of luck. They did say that most restaurants would accommodate our requests. I had a look at their menu.

Calistoga Roastery had an impressive sandwich board. Julia and I split a coffee and an everything bagel with hummus and cucumbers. Both items were delicious. As a bonus, the place was comfortable. We felt relaxed as we figured out our day.

The next day, Julia and I had a veggie wrap. Fresh, crisp, tasty and vegan. We didn’t know then but should have guessed, this place would be one of our favorite places to eat in town. We would become regulars if we lived there. Calistoga Roastery is located at 1426 Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga CA


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One thought on “Roastery Boastery

  1. wine is not “usually vegan”. It can be but it often is not due to the fining process to clarify it

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