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Are You An Excuse-itarian?

Colleen Patrick Goudreau speaking at the Seed: A Vegan Experience…

Colleen says we send kids mixed messages. We tell them to love animals as we feed them these animals.

She also points out if you tell someone you are vegan, all of a sudden they’re an expert on nutrition. They are also concerned about protein.

Here’s some more facts from Colleen Patrick Goudreau

Lactose intolerance is normal. We are not meant to drink milk.

Cows must be pregnant to produce milk. The babies must be taken away from the Mom so that we can have all of that cows milk.

Why cows milk. Hyena milk is very high in calcium but try to take that milk, the Hyena will kill you.

Reasons to not eat fish: toxins in fish and we can get more from flax seeds

Obsession with protein, we don’t have protein deficiencies doctors in this country.

Our country has diseases of excess, diabetes, obesity, heart disease.

We do not crave the flesh of an animal.

Colleen is talking so fast that it is really hard to keep up. While it seems she is all over the place, going from TV to fish to disease to cows. Her message is clear and here it is… Being vegan is right, so be right, be vegan.  I have a feeling this is not here first time on the stage.  She’s a motivational speaker professional and the crowd loves her.


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