George and Julia's Vegan Underground


The Seed vegan experience continues…

Acronym for Vegan

By Main Street Vegan author
Victoria Moran

Validate – acknowledge it is who you are. Make a commitment and identify yourself as a vegan. This is the way to start and choose your new path.

Enjoy- being vegan is a fun adventure. She points out, if you live in New York, there are so many fun restaurants, bakeries and store to discover and enjoy.

Get to know other vegans. Join a vegan meetup group. The New York one has three thousand members. You can go to your new vegan friends for support and ideas.

Add instead of subtract. For so many, being vegan means giving up things. Make it about adding more than you subtract. There is so much vegetables, grains, nuts and more you can add to your diet for the first time. If you subtract one, add two.

Never ever ever forget the animals. Whatever your reason for becoming vegan, killing animals is never “friendly.” Animals are innocent creatures and as a vegan, we love the fact we do not have to eat them.


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