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Getting the Royal Treatment

My adventures at “The Seed: A Vegan Experience” continues…Am I Experience? Hell yes, to that. After three hour of vendor browsing, activist tables, nutritional experts, speeches and food sampling, I was ready for a proper meal. Sure I’d tried dozens of tiny bites, wait…why was I hungry?

I just was, which probably explains the man boobs that Julia loves to point out. I’m working on that. Here at The Seed, my best food option looked like the Royal Vegan. If you have ever eaten vegan pate’ from the food coop or other health food grocer, it probably came from Royal Vegan. It’s their thing.

The owner said events like this let them showcase how they believe their products should be used. They have a little kitchen in Sunset Park Brooklyn (very close to my place) so I was going very local.

While never a pate’ fan, their unique vegan item made for a fantastic banh mi. Just recently Julia and I had several failed banh mi experiences, from fake chicken instead of fake pork to forgetting to ask for no mayo. So my eyes laser beamed on it.

The nice thing about The Seed is that all food is required to be vegan. So you never have to ask to take off the cheese or whatever. The Royal Vegan pate’ made this vegan version a classic. Way to go Royal, wish you had a restaurant. There was no tofu or seitan just veggies and pate’. Refreshing as hell.

Too bad they don’t have a restaurant. Think about it. Julia, they do weddings.


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