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I Hate French Fries

I don’t want French fries again

You read that correctly, I hate french fries. This won’t be a rant about how greasy and unhealthy they are because I don’t think I need to say what so many people already know. Because the truth is, they taste delicious and are good to have once and awhile. As Sarah Silverman would say, “make it a treat.” What’s my issue with fries? Well I love being able to have the CHOICE of getting fries, what I loathe is having NO OTHER choice but to get fries. That’s when my feathers are ruffled.

Sweet potato fries are George’s kryptonite

This post is going to come off as another “boohoo vegan is complaining again.” But the reality of it isn’t simply being vegan but more so health conscience. I recently went to a tournament in Pennsylvania, and usually the food options include sandwiches, fruit, chips and other little snacks. Well for some reason this year they changed up the food choices; Instead there were hamburger, hot dogs, fried dough, chicken fingers, cheese fries and of course french fries. This ostracizes not only vegans, but vegetarians and anyone who doesn’t want their cholesterol levels to skyrocket.

I’m sitting in the chair in the middle. Watching in comfort

So begrudgingly I had to accept the french fries for a meal. Not once, but twice. The first time I thought, hey I haven’t had fries in awhile so I’ll make do. But the second time I gritted my teeth and said, fine. I cannot express how disgusting I felt by the end of the day. My dinner the night before was french fries, my breakfast the next day was a soft pretzel (yes that was one of the choices offered at the tournament) and my lunch was once again the greasy julienned potatoes. One of the sacrifices I have to make in order to keep to my guilt-free dietary restrictions I guess. George and I always say you can always find a vegan option in french fries and salad, but that’s okay only once. Not back to back days.

Well, today was spent detoxing by picking fresh vegetables and berries from the garden. I’ll be omitting fries from my diet for quite awhile.

Shucking snow peas for dinner


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One thought on “I Hate French Fries

  1. luluchan456 on said:

    I hate french fries too..I tried to love it but to me it tastes like paper. It is just too greasy and I can’t seem to comprehend why ppl like McDonald’s fries??

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