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Juiced Up Thursday

Here’s another edition of Juiced of Thursday! I wish I had something brand spanking new to report from the juice station, but unfortunately I’m kind of boring. Sorry folks.

Kale, carrots, and celery again? Geez…

As you see from the picture above it was another kale inspired juice. But this time I did add a little twist to it. Like the previous two Juiced Up Thursdays, the usual suspects are back:

  • Kale (8-10 stalks)
  • Carrots (3)
  • Celery (8 stalks)
  • Pear (1)
  • Lemon (1/2)

But I did decide to hit the garden back up for a little extra ingredients for today’s juice. What’s booming back there right now is cucumber (1 small) and mint (1 cup of leaves). Literally, the mint has taken over the herb garden and I’m just dumbfounded on what to do with it. The only thing I can think of is mint chutney and mojitos  Seriously, if any of you readers out there can think of anything to do with copious amounts of mint, please comment on this post.

That’s only the 1/3 of it…

So what’s the benefits of these new additions to the juice?

Cucumber: This vegetable is a diuretic and helps fight water retention. Ladies listen up! It’s 96% water and contains alkaline-forming minerals. Helps regulate blood pressure, and acidity in the blood. Also is used to help cool down and normalize body temperature. I threw this vegetable in my juice because it helps with inflammation, and as I keep harping all week, I recently had surgery.

Mint: This bountiful herb is known for it’s assistance in digestion. Helps with indigestion, nausea, and headaches. That’s not the only ache it helps with, if you’ve got a cough or are having trouble catching your breath, the aroma of mint can really help. Mint also helps with acne, oral care, asthma.

So how did this juice come out?

It was okay

Meh, I’ll probably make it again because of the overall benefits. It wasn’t too minty, but had a nice refreshing aftertaste. If I were to make it again I might make it with an addition of a granny smith apple. The vegetable to fruit ratio was 2:1. George would’ve approved.


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