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Anna’s Goes Vegan

On our George and Julia Eat Manhattan blog I’ve declared my love for Anna’s Taqueria, but now I’m bringing a new vegan outlook on Boston’s favorite burritos. There must be a new kind of culinary consumer in the area because Anna’s now provides warnings of what consists of dairy and meat. A year ago this definitely did not exist.

Sour cream in guacamole? Huh?

My number one concern on this is what the caption above says. Vegans LOVE guacamole, but at this establishment it’s now tainted with sour cream. Not a big deal, to have a vegan experience there’s a number of items they provide:

  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Beans (Pinto, Black and refried)
  • Vegetarian Rice
  • Homemade Salsa
  • Lettuce and jalapenos

Beans corner with a visit from carnitas

The proximity of meat to vegetables is something that would turn hardcore vegans off, but fortunately I’m not an overly zealous vegan. I don’t meltdown if there’s cheese on the same platter as my celery. Because Anna’s was pretty scrupulous to warn about the guacamole and rice I figured the beans were safe. George would claim the refried beans have lard in it.

Nobody puts roasted vegetables in the corner. Well apparently Anna’s does.

From when I started visiting Anna’s Taqueria in 2006, they’ve provided customers with roasted vegetables. But when I did order the vegetables for my burrito there was something I should highlight:

  • Con: When you order the roasted vegetables, they do chop them up with the same knife and on the same cutting board as the meat.

Would this make it not vegan? Some would argue yes. Again, I’m not a go-into-freakout-mode vegan with things like this, but I know it’s something that some vegans would find unacceptable. So what did my plant-based burrito look like?

Veggie Super Burrito

What I got on it was vegetarian rice, pinto beans, lettuce, roasted vegetables, homemade salsa (chockfull of cilantro), and tons of hot sauce. It was delicious. But I did return again and decided to omit the roasted vegetables (because of the cutting board incident), and went with lettuce, jalapenos, salsa, rice, pinto beans and hot sauce. To be honest I think it taste better without the roasted vegetables. Stop by Anna’s while you visit Boston, it’s good for vegans and carnivores.

It’s like Subway (sandwich shop) style choices

UPDATE: Calorie Breakdown

  • Tortilla Wrap: 290 (12 inch super burrito)
  • Rice: 160
  • Pinto Bean: 140 (black beans 130)
  • Vegetables: 70
  • Salsa: 20
  • Lettuce: 5
  • Hot Sauce: 10

Total: 695


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2 thoughts on “Anna’s Goes Vegan

  1. Very interesting. I never would have thought there would be sour cream in the guacamole.

    I’ve actually only had the roasted vegetable burrito at Anna’s. It’s the first thing I tried there, and I was hooked. I wonder if they would use a clean knife to chop the vegetables if you asked? They would probably have to do as much if someone reported an allergy.

    • Julia on said:

      I think it would depend on which one you go to and how busy it is. I feel like the one on Beacon St. in Brookline always has a line and wouldn’t care to accommodate customers like that. But at the same time, that’s where I saw all the signs.

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