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Vegans Poop Better

It’s true.  Vegans poop bigger and more often.  Who cares?  Well Dr. Michael Greger does and so should you.  Greger spoke at (where else) The Seed: A Vegan Experience as one of the growing number of nutrition-focused doctors who favor the vegan diet. The following is an entertaining summary of the good Dr. Greger’s findings.

Quicker Is Better

While it isn’t something we like to discuss but a healthy number 2 means a healthy you.  The healthiest go big and go often.  It’s believed that problems like cancer occur because of extended mouth to anus “transit time.”   For a meat eaters, transit time is 4-5 days.  For a vegan it is 1-2 days.  One reason for this is that vegans have an increased fecal output which speeds things up.

“People don’t realize you can have daily bowel movements and still be effectively constipated.  You can be regular, but four days late. In other words, what you’re flushing today you may have eaten last week.”  If you want to determine your true transit time, Dr. Greger suggests eating a bowls of beets and wait for it to come out “pretty and pink.”

More time in the digestive track means toxins and estrogen our body meant to dispose of, hangs around and wreaks havoc when it is re-absorbed into the body. 

Bigger Is Better

“The bigger the bowel movement”, Dr. Greger says, “the healthier we may be.”  Women eating plant-based diets may have lower breast cancer rates because they have larger bowel movements and thus, less estrogen time in the bloodstream.  The bigger the stool, faster to the pool.

Low stool weight risks include colon cancer, bowel cancer, diverticular disease, appendicides, anal disease with colon cancer.  Greger set the target at a half pound (200 grams) as the “minimum fecal output for cancer prevention.”  In order to reach that, transit time should be down in the 24-36 hour range.

Weighing In

Dr. Michael Greger’s “Who’s number 1 at Number 2?” (averaged)

1st Place – Tonga 531 grams (1.17 lb)

2nd Place – India 311 grams (.68 lb.)

3rd Place – Japan 195 grams (.43 lb.)

Even with the U.S. vegans helping their average (with their doubled stool weight), the home of the brave, came in dead last 120 grams (.26 lb.).

 The Tonga Diet:

taro, sweet potato, yam, plantain, breadfruit, hibiscus greens, banana, cabbage

For more information on Dr. Michael Greger and his work, check out


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One thought on “Vegans Poop Better

  1. Michael on said:

    What a shitty article..
    Over 90% of the population in Tonga is overweight. You should also do research on what happens if you eat too much fiber.

    Can someone also tell me why vegans have to take supplements or experience severe nutrient deficiencies if it’s such a healthy way of life?

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