George and Julia's Vegan Underground

New Vegan on the Block

Time to lose Jared and hire George and Julia.

The olde favourite $5 footlong is getting a new vegan makeover. For generations vegans have been chained to Subway’s Veggie sandwich (hold the cheese and mayo please), which consists of mountains of vegetables on one of their vegan-friendly breads. With the new vegan options, the extra cucumbers can now be replaced with any one of these THREE vegan proteins:

  1. Sweet Riblet
  2. Malibu Greek
  3. Italian Black Bean

Right now there’s three areas that are offering the vegan options before it goes nationwide: (what with the #3, Subway?)

  1. DC
  2. Maryland
  3. Virginia

I guess politicians love vegan options…

We speculate that the Riblet is what it sounds like, the Greek Malibu might emulate a gyro, and the Italian Black Bean would hopefully be one spicy vegan meatball. If you live in those areas, let us know what it is and how it tastes!

Move over banana peppers, you’ll be getting a new companion soon enough


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