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Vegans rock and it’s Friday so I will speak of a very important one. It’s hard to believe that this inventor of heavy metal and former practitioner of the black arts is currently working to put an end to all puppy mills.  Sure, we all mellow with age but this bad-ass stopped eating meat when he was eight years old.  As the story goes, he cut a piece of meat and blood came out. He asked his Mom where it came from and she said animals. That was that, this young lad who was ironically called “Geezer,” put his meat days to rest.

You know all the demonic, dark magic, wizard, horrorshow lyrics of Black Sabbath?  That was Geezer Butler’s work. He even suggested the name Black Sabbath (after the 1963 Boris Karloff film).  Mighty with the pen and the ax (bass), as Sabbath’s bass player, he revolutionized the instrument as a bold and aggressive sound that could lead as well as any guitar.

“Black Sabbath was written on bass: I just walked into the studio and went, bah, bah, bah, and everybody joined in and we just did it,” says Geezer.

Geezer “enjoys having friends over for dinner, serving them faux meat, and waiting for the compliments to start rolling in before telling his guests that they just ate a delicious vegan meal.”  What a prankster and a real vegan promoter.  According to Ozzy Osbourne’s autobiography I Am Ozzy, Geezer “never uses foul language.”  He was a supporter and probable pusher to Ozzy Ozbourne’s recent vegan ways.

Geezer hails “seitan” as a vegan and PETA supporter.   At the moment, Geezer has four dogs and nine cats, all rescued from abuse or abandonment.  Geezer, we love all you have done for rock.  You made it dark, scary, dangerous and hard.  Your longtime dedication to veganism is an inspiration.  Geezer, you are truly a Vegan That Rocks!


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