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Going Beyond

Visiting the brand spanking new Beyond Sushi restaurant

Last night George received an email inviting us to a new sushi hot spot near Union Square. We gets quite a bit of these emails from his NYC Vegan Meet Up group, but when we saw what this particular eatery had to offer it was hard to pass up. We grabbed the Q train and headed to Beyond Sushi for a late afternoon meal. As promised it was healthy, nutritious and delicious!

A sign that speaks the truth

Listen up Jeremy Piven, this sushi eatery won’t give you mercury poisoning. That’s right, you won’t find any fish on the menu. That’s because all the morsels are vegan/vegetarian! Finally, a sushi place where you can have more than just a cucumber and avocado roll. The two sauces which are not vegan are the toasted cayenne and jalapeno wasabi. But everything else is a vegan’s dream (all vegans, even the macrobiotic ones).

Gorgeous and delicious

All the sushi is stunning. The vibrant colors from the vegetables are complimented by the flashy sauces, and it was hard to pick out which rolls to get. George and I planned on getting 3 rolls:

Crunch N’ Munch (black rice, alfalfa, english cucumber, baked tofu, and kiwi topped with white miso)

Mighty Mushroom (six grain rice, enoki, shitaki, tofu, and micro arugula topped with shitake teriaki)

Pickle Me (six grain rice, gobo, carrot, pickled daikon and avocado topped with carrot ginger.

Meet the very attractive Crunch N’ Munch and Pickle Me rolls

But with the help of the very friendly manager Tom, and executive chef Guy Vaknin (from Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 btw), they encouraged us to combo all of our rolls. It’s not a combo with drink and chips, no no, it includes extra individual pieces that are basically vegan sashimi. Are you drooling yet?

Bottom from left to right: Snow Pea with carrot ginger, Seaweed with sweet soy mirin, Enoki with shitake teriaki. Top: Might Mushroom Roll

All the rolls we ordered were amazing, and super filling. But my favorite roll at Beyond Sushi was the Mighty Mushroom roll. Supposedly mushrooms are key in cancer prevention and actual tumor killers. Sounds fierce right? But if you are missing the texture of fish, this roll replaces it amazingly. The arugula and various mushrooms are just magic on the tongue. I also suggest the fresh made juices too. I had the English Cucumber and Mint Lemonade, it was more tart than sweet, just how I like it. Guy Vaknin, you’ve got one hell of a vegan masterpiece brewing. Stop by for great service and little pieces of art for dinner.

Come visit Guy at Beyond Sushi Wednesday, July 11th at 7pm for the official Grand Opening! Will have food and live music.

Beyond Sushi

229 East 14th St.

New York, NY 10128


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2 thoughts on “Going Beyond

  1. Great site! Please take a look at mine! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the write up! Please be sure to check out our website,, scope out our menu and visit us in store! For more up to date information please find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and our new blog on WordPress!
    Chef Guy Vaknin

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