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The Great Dehydrate

A helpful device for any vegan is the dehydrator.  Now I know what you’re saying, “first the Vitamix, now the dehydrator.  Don’t you have a rice cooker on the way?”  Yes, it seems like Julia and I have been buying things that should be reserved for our wedding registry but just like girls, we vegans just want to have fun.  Our new life requires new tools.

Everyone says the same thing when they receive there dehydrator.  “It looked smaller online.”  The unit resembles a fan, if it was faced downward and blew heat.  Like the book Rawsomely Vegan says, you could do some of this stuff in the oven, but what is the fun in that?  Upon receiving this gift from my parents, I decided the first thing I would try would be kale chips.  My third batch was a winner.  It had nutritional yeast, citrus and cashews.  I brought them to a Breaking Bad party and they lasted about five minutes.  Someone even said it was the best kale chips they ever had.  Although I tweaked the recipe, I confess it came from Canadian “K.B.”.  You can get it here.

There are a lot of famous Canadian vegans. I wonder why?  You can expect future dehydration posts.  As we speak, I am dehydrating pineapple, apples and strawberries.  Why would you dry fresh fruit?  It last longer and requires no refrigeration. It was sad sending my fresh strawberries off to die.

One of the advantages of a dehydrator, is that it lets me dry things under 118°, keeping them officially “raw.”   My kale chips were raw.  I had to bump it up to 130° for the fruit.  I will let you know how the fruit turns out.  As you veteran dehydrator owners know, the fruit will take 8-14 hours to finish.  It makes for a lot of late night dehydrating.  Only time will tell if this appliance becomes a staple or sold at a garage/tag sale like the breadmaker.


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