George and Julia's Vegan Underground


Another Pinkberry victim?…As many of you know, the only time I cheated on my vegan diet, I paid dearly with a trip to the emergency room. While I cannot prove it was that the 8 ounce Pinkberry frozen yogurt was the cause but the facts remain. George eats Pinkberry. George stomach hurts. George goes to the emergency room. Coincidence?

When a Pinkberry opened in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, only a block from my apartment, I remembered that day, clutching my stomach in pain. Why did I eat Pinkberry?! Why!?

During my trip to the bodega to get some cilantro, I noticed an ambulance in front of this new Pinkberry location. Unlike me, it looked like this guy never made it home. It was a strong reminder for me to stay away.

Sure, I did not actually see anyone getting their stomach pumped or being wheeled out on a stretcher. Yes, it is possible that the ambulance guys were just stopping in for a froyo. We may never know the real truth. Pinkberry, I’m watching you.


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