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Juiced Up Thursday

There are days when waking up is just nearly impossible. Well on this Thursday that was absolutely the case for me. My dorm living lifestyle has come to a close for the summer, which means back to living like an actual adult. However, this morning I opted out of making a homemade juice and decided to head to Robeks instead. Will I regret this decision? Find out.

I’m not sure if Robeks is organic. They preach nutrition and healthy living, but I’ve been to a number of them and have never seen them preach “& Organic!” But the nice thing about them is they do make drinks and smoothies to order. However, if you get a drink with orange juice, they don’t freshly juice an orange in front of you. They pour the orange juice out of a container. So I’ve learned to stay away from anything with orange juice in it. So on this humid morning I was feeling a little out of sorts, I decided to order the Green-V with a touch of lemon.

  • Green-V: Carrot, Celery, Spinach, and lemon

After I ordered I saw that I had more than just a choice of getting the generic celery and carrot drink, but it was too late. I handed my credit card over and was charge the $7.43 for my drink. But I am happy to see that Robeks is expanding the vegetables offered at their establishments. Getting carrot based drinks gets a little redundant. Just saying.

Oh now you tell me.

I know the carrot based statement above makes me seem like a hypocrite because I throw carrots in my juices very often. But the difference is the entire BASE of my juices aren’t only carrots. I use lots of kale or cucumbers as well, if available. I’ve gotten a number of juices at Robeks and every single one of them taste like carrot with a hint of whatever other vegetable was supposed to be in it. Well this case was no different. I’m not sure if there’s any spinach in it to be honest, just because of the very orange color it came out as. But regardless I could’ve made my own juice, but I didn’t so I have to settle for my poor decision this morning. Robeks, stop overusing the carrots in your juices.

If you love carrots, come on over to Robeks!

Positives of Robeks:

One positive is I don’t have to clean my juicer. But another serious positive is that there’s a couple of pleasant vegan goodies at your nearest Robeks. If you want a juice and a cookie it’s a nice place to hit up.

3 of their 5 cookie options for vegans


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  1. Virgil Wolsky on said:

    Celery is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. I always use celery in every vegetable recipe that i make at home. ,””.’

    Hope This Helps!“>

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