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Family of Five Challenge

We put out the challenge out there and we received our first Vegan Challenge Article! Please take a read and see how an entire family switches to a new vegan lifestyle with very challenging twists:

Welcome to the world of guilt-free living! 

Our Vegan Challenge:

Family of Five

By: Anonymous

We’re on day 6 of living with our Breville juicer and our Vitamix.  Already they’ve proven to be as loved as a family pet would be – although I can’t say for sure, because we have no family pets.  No, we have our hands full with three children and some health issues, so as much as a having a puppy would enhance our lives, we have to focus on other areas of health first.

Look, I’m fun too!

We’ve recently adopted a new lifestyle of eating, which is not only vegan but gluten-free and low glycemic as well.  This is due to our eldest daughter living with Crohn’s Disease, and the recent complications she’s dealing with due to a reaction to her medication. Our two other children are at greater risk of developing this or other inflammatory conditions due to the fact that they have a close family member with Crohn’s.  Doctors tell us genetics play the greatest role in these chronic autoimmune diseases, but we believe that the doctors are to quick to discount diet, and what we put into our bodies as not playing a role.  Did these diseases exist 100 years ago without names, or are they a byproduct of the hacked-up global food system we’ve conveniently moved to for sustenance?

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I confess I do not cook.  My husband is quite adept in the kitchen and has always enjoyed creating eclectic and delicious meals for entertaining friends and our family.  That is not to say that my children did not enjoy many years of meals consisting of dinosaur shaped breaded chicken pieces and macaroni and powdered cheese from a box.  If the box said Kraft on it, it usually meant my kids would inhale it, and crave more of it.  This Kraft rule went for anything, not just pasta.  Which brings me to school lunches, a.k.a. my territory.  Oh, the dreaded school lunch, which mostly consists of something either meat, or sweet or dairy between two hearty slices of wheat, a fruit, a vegetable, a granola bar and/or chips!  They weren’t awfully unhealthy lunches, and I made sure to balance sweet with salty, but the fruit was often eaten from a clear plastic cup laden with syrup, the granola bar packed in a wrapper, not made with love from gluten-free oats, agave and flax, and to be honest, the vegetables often went uneaten.

Kale instead of Kraft now.


When our three children went to sleep-away camp a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I had a junk food exorcism at home.  We removed all the bad from our refrigerator and cupboards, so when they came home, the only choices were healthy.  We’re trying to detox from all the chemicals in our bodies now, which may take some time, but we’re not adding more as we go.  Our children need good food and nutrition to grow, but if it’s not palatable, it won’t be eaten.  We’re in the honeymoon phase with our new lifestyle now, and much like the euphoria one feels with new puppy love, I hope the thrill of turning kale and baby spinach into appetizing beverages doesn’t wane too soon.  At least the new additions to our family don’t need to be taken out for a walk even when it’s raining.

Be free from food with animal products and gluten for a healthier lifestyle
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Keep it going, Anonymous! Please let us know how your family’s vegan, gluten-free and low glycemic lifestyle changes go in the future and if it helps with the symptoms of Crohn’s. We support you here at Vegan Underground!


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