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Vegans That Rock!

She went back to Ohio and her city was gone.  She came back in 2007 and opened a vegetarian restaurant in that town of hers known as Akron Ohio.  In the middle of the road yay.  Talk about a rock life.  While attending college at Kent State, she was in a band with c, pre-Devo.  She was there at the infamous Kent State shooting and even knew one of the victims. She had a baby with Ray Davies of the Kinks.  In 1977 she lived in London and was best friends with Sid Vicious.  She even gave him that trademark lock that he wore around his neck.  She was in a band with Mick Jones of the Clash and was even a member of the Damned for a short time.  You probably know Chrissy Hynde best as singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the Pretenders.

Chrissy has been a vegetarian since 1969.  A vegan now, she remembers as a 12-year-old, feeling so bad for some turtles in a pet store.  She knew then that she could never eat her animal friends.  Chrissy famously protested KFC and the Gap for their use of leather.  A proud supporter of PETA, Chrissy is not afraid to get arrested from time to time.  A rock n’ roll legend and a vegan.  Chrissy Hynde, you are a force to be reckoned with and truly a Vegan That Rocks!


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