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Grand Central goes Vegan

Do you ever find yourself waiting in Grand Central for someone to come in from upstate or Connecticut? As the time wears on and the grumbling in your stomach gets worse, take a moment to explore the dining concourse. There isn’t much veg-friendly places there, but Cafe Spice (the only Indian place) has taken the steps to identifying there is a booming vegan consumer out there. No need to think anymore about if you can eat it or not, because Cafe Spice had labelled the vegan dishes at their station. The lentils were my favorite, although they were a little bland. The kara curry was waaaaay too coconutty for me, and I’m a snob when it comes to Channa masala because my homemade masala is boss. It’s no Dawat or Tamarind, but it does taste okay and it’s better than Curry in a Hurry.

After you’ve dined, head up toward track 19 and visit Joe’s art of coffee for dessert. They have an incredible vegan cookie selection. But beware, it goes fast and they run out.

Other Acceptable Veg-Friendly Restaurants in Grand Central Terminal:

Two Boots: They have vegan slices for sale. Very yummy, but I still hate Daiya.

Hale and Hearty: Good vegan soups, and also can work a sandwich to be vegan

Manhattan Chili Company: A few vegan chili options.

Zaro’s Bread: Okay bagels and coffee. Vegan sandwiches available upon request

Hot and Crusty: Decent bagels

Dishes: Fresh juices!


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