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Even for the vegans, raw food is a hard sell.  We give up meat, milk, butter, eggs and now…heat?  Some believe that raw vegans hate themselves.  The opposite is true.  A meal of raw food actually “does a body good.” but if it’s going to be loved, it’s got to be incredible.  I’ve recently fallen in love with the restaurant Pure Food and Wine so I have experienced raw food greatness.  When Canadian mini-chain Rawlicious set up shop in NYC, I welcomed our friendly neighbors to the North.  Canada has an impressive list of celebrity vegans so it’s not surprising that they were “bringing it.”
I was excited that Julia was game for this outing.  It wasn’t just lunch,  it was also the monthly gathering for the vegan Meetup group, “NYC Vegan Eatup.”  When vegans get together, there’s lots to ramble on about and this was no exception.  There were introductions, observations, conversations.  Julia and I agreed, it was a really fun bunch.  These were our people!  Even though we had just met, we had so much to talk hear and share.  There were 20-25 people representing NYC Vegan Eatup. Open about a month, Rawlicious had to bring their A game to this mean gang of hardcore vegans.  Blog posts, emails and word-of-mouth reviews were sure to follow.


 Rawlicious was delicious.  I had the Rawich (Onion bread with guacamole, tomatoes, cucumbers & alfalfa sprouts drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette).   Like most of the bread cooked under 118 degrees, it fell apart immediately.  It became a knife and forker but Julia agreed it was a fine lunch.  I also had the strawberry milkshake (Nutmilk, strawberries, avocado, agave, vanilla) which is not to be missed.

Better Late Than Never

Julia ordered the Pasta Bolognese (noodles made out of zucchini, tomato marinara, basil pesto & crumbled seasoned nut loaf topped with pine nut parmesan) but it never arrived.  I shared my sandwich but her missing meal was a severe buzzkill as everyone chowed down.  Julia eventually got her dish (gratis) and, as our new friend described it was “refreshing.”  I tried it and it was in fact, a stellar dish and an unusually large portion for a raw restaurant.  The consensus crowned the pizza as King even though the two slice portion was a bit small.  I’ll probably try that next time.  Yes, there will be a next time!
We followed our new Vegan Eatup friends to Babycakes bakery.  Stay tuned for the details on that.

Raw Kitchen, Clean Kitchen


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