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Everyone knows juice is Magic but the key is getting a nutritious drink without canceling its benefits with massive amounts of sugar from fruit. Because you are removing the fiber by juicing, that sugar spikes in your blood just like white sugar. I’m no doctor but am a big follower of Dr. Greger’s Nutrition Facts. I welcomed a recent topic that has been a concern of mine for years: what is the best sweetener to use. As it turns out, there are only two that are actually good for you. No, it is not agave nectar. One is molasses and the best one, I have included in today’s juice called:

“Date with Destiny”

Kale (2-6 stalks) – prevents osteoporosis, anemia, heart disease, colon cancer. It’s a great source of Vitamin A, B-complex and minerals. Now that’s a magic veggie!

Blueberries (handful) – still one of the highest fruits in anti-oxidants. Eat blueberries, age less.

Carrot (1 small) – flavonoid compounds in carrots protect from skin, lung and oral cavity cancers

Spinach (1 handful) – iron, minerals and disease prevention to the max!

Broccoli Stalk (2 inch) – Don’t chuck those stalks, use them in juice. It’s low calorie, lots of dietary fiber, photo-nutrients. A superfood for sure!

Lemon (1) – a natural preservative, aids in digestion and eliminates pro-inflammatory free radicals from the blood.

Dates (2-4) – replenish energy, anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, great source of beta-carotene, iron and fiber.

That’s right, the best sweetener is “date sugar” which is actually just ground up dates. Bob’s also sells it by the bag. If you’ve got a Vitamix you can just plop real dates into a smoothie or add it to the juice. Because dates are a whole food, you get the fiber and all the nutrition that goes with dates. So make a date with dates. It’ll be sweet!

This juice is a winner! So give it a try! Tell yourself or your juicer to “date me.”


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