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Vegans That Rock!

He may not be the most famous rocker to come out of Seattle, but his unique style of singing and screams in the early 2000’s spurred an indie cult following for his band, The Blood Brothers. Though his band has broken up, this vegan rocker has taken his talents to Jaguar Love and Neon Blonde. His voice has been described as sounding like “a child being tortured.” But don’t fret, this rockstar may tickle the fancy of young tortured souls, but Johnny Whitney enjoys living a lifestyle that’s guilt-free.

Johnny has never been shy about his vegan lifestyle, and has encouraged a nationwide vegan pizza movement. When Peta2 was divulging into entertainers veganism, they were quick to hit up The Blood Brothers front man and keyboardist. Well keep on tapping those casio keys, Johnny Whitney, because you’re this weeks Vegan That Rocks!

Vegan Pizza es delicioso


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