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Dr. Greger’s Guide to Preventing Death

Julia will tell you that ever since we’ve been living our own little vegan utopia, I have become an annoying nutrition nerd.  Sometimes nothing sparks animosity like telling someone you are vegan.  In such situations, if you choose to debate, it’s good to do a little homework.  This lecture by Dr. Michael Greger, is great ammunition for such an occasion.  His recent lecture gives the strongest reasons to go vegan, to live.  I urge you to take 55 minutes to watch it.   It may change your life or it will at least make you go hmmm.  It focuses on the 15 leading causes of death.  It turns out a vegan diet can prevent all but one of them (except accidents), treat half of them and actually reverse the top 3.

Top Killers:

1.  Heart Disease
2.  Cancer
3.  Emphysema
4.  Stroke
5.  Accidents
6.  Alzheimer’s
7.  Diabetes
8.  Kidney failure
9.  Influenza and pneumonia (respiratory infections)
10. Suicide
11. Blood Infections
12. Liver Failure
13.  High Blood Pressure (essential hypertension)
14.  Parkinson’s Disease
15.  Pneumonias due to solids and liquids 

Please enjoy now:

So Let’s Review:

●  1 egg is equivalent to smoking 5 cigs a day for 15 years
●  Vegans have an average cholesterol of 150
●  meat products, dairy and eggs paralyze the arteries causing chronic inflammation
●  cholesterol drug lowering medication create brain-related risks like memory loss and increase diabetes
●  lowest incidents of all cancers lower in vegetarians than in meat eaters
●  chicken triples your risk of cancer

●  vegan blood is less hospitable to cancer in fact vegan blood fights cancer 8 times better  (-9% vs. -70%)
●  insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) grows and spreads cancer
●  A vegan (not vegetarian) diet causes IGF1 goes down
●  high potassium foods prevent strokes
●  bananas – but not even top 50 for potassium
●  top 5 tomato, orange concentrate, greens beans dates
●  meat eaters 2-3 times to become demented (Alzheimer’s)
●  some obesity linked to virus in found in poultry
●  You must jog ¼ mile to burn off  one sardine
●  To burn off 2 chicken legs (steamed chicken, skin removed) = 3 miles
●  Harvard study says 3 things are bad for kidneys: animal protein, animal fat and cholesterol
●  a vegan diet help in the treatment of kidney functions after just one week
●  there is serotonin (the happiness hormone) in plants especially plantains, pineapples, bananas, kiwis,               plums and tomatoes
●  butternut squash seeds have been proven to treat social anxiety disorder
●  meat born bacteria can creep up into women’s bladders and cause urinary tract infections
●  chicken is the worst offender of fecal bacteria
●  Meat industry proposing a maggot mixture to be sprayed on meat – low cost simple method
●  vegan diet can treat liver failure because you are getting less toxins from meat
●  high blood pressure , essentially only found in meat eaters
●  vegans are the only population that are not overweight, even vegetarians are overweight
●  increased risk  of Parkinson’s disease from dairy consumptions through
                exposure to pesticides, neurotoxin chemicals  (especially in cheese)
●  there are 100,000 deaths a year  from prescription drug side effects (not overdose, regular side effects
            (this means ACTUALLY 6th leading cause of death is doctors)
●  vegans have a 40% less risk of developing cataracts
●  FDA had no discussion at all about the health consequences of eating meat because “if they did, they would be unable to justify eating meat at all.


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