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It’s Friday.  Are you ready to rock?  In the 90’s the “kids” had a new found interest in Punk Rock.  California bands like Pennywise, Rancid, Bad Religion, Green Day, The Offspring and Sublime were being signed to major labels.  Although a part of that scene, the band NOFX never did.  

Although not actually “Fat,” the NOFX lead singer and bassist Michael John Burkett is better known as “Fat Mike.”  We call him Vegan Mike, because he is.  Mike used to sing songs that mocked non-meat eaters.  Now he puts out a compilation CD that supports PETA.

As “Cokie the Clown.”

“We (NOFX) are a big supporter of both Animal Rights and PETA…A lot of that stuff is for health reasons for me because this shit is just not healthy anymore. It is just so poisonous.”

Fat Mike is currently one of the owners of the Thistle Hill Tavern in Park Slope Brooklyn.  Perhaps that’s why Thistle Hill has the best vegan burger in town.  You go Mike!  Keep being all silly and punk rocky.  You’re a Vegan That Rocks!


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