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Juiced Up Thursday

So Juiced Up Thursday has taken a little bit of a hiatus over the last two weeks. Admittedly, I’ve been consumed by huge life changing events, so unfortunately the Juice had to wait. But I’m back and the juice is flowing. Today I didn’t have time to get the juicer or vitamix going so I had to grab a juice on the go.

Juice stand outside of Penn Station

George and I peddled hard through Brooklyn and over the Manhattan Bridge to get to Penn Station. Outside of it there’s a little juice stand. I was excited about the prime location of this juice stop, and I ordered a large Pineapple, Apple, Cucumber and Spinach juice. This concoction is good for healthy skin and hydration. Which is always needed of course. Well when I took that first sip, it seems the fellow had forgot to juice the Pineapple, apple and spinach. It was just cucumber juice. Our reaction was, well we have it, might as well drink it, but it tastes very healthy. Saying it tastes healthy is a nice way of saying it tastes bad, FYI.

Just cucumber juice today…

Getting juices outside of Penn Station might not be revisited. But this would be a good time to announce that Juiced Up Thursday might be transforming more into a smoothie post. George and I are obsessed with our vitamix and we make everything with it.

We even make homemade ice cream in it!



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