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Juiced Up Thursday

Well here’s another installment of Juiced Up Thursday. Today’s juice isn’t a juice but a smoothie. As I mentioned from last week I’ve been doing more smoothie action than juice. Well this mammoth of a smoothie is chock full of protein. You non-vegans who worry about your vegan friend’s protein shouldnt worry if this is what they’re slurping down. In consists of the following ingredients that assist with your body’s muscle repair:

  • Carrot– vitamin C, A and K in the house
  • Spinach– protein and vitamin B and E
  • Kale– protein and manganese with a hefty helping of vitamins K,A and C
  • Dates– can you say Iron? Cause dates are loaded with Iron and B complex-vitamins
  • Blueberries– anti-oxidants, say no more
  • Chia seeds– complete protein with all your favorite amino acids and good for feeling full longer
  • Goji berries-anti-oxidant and helps with aging
  • Walnuts– protein and healthy fats

Warning: This smoothie will repair your muscles and replenish all vitamins

As you see from the list of ingredients this smoothie is no joke. I just wish there was a little acidity in it to give it a fuller flavor. Otherwise great drink to kick off the workday.


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2 thoughts on “Juiced Up Thursday

  1. Walnuts and Chia Seed also help as natural appetite suppressants for those of you who experience post-smoothie hunger.

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