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Nutritional Value of Dairy

The Department of Health in New York City recently passed Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to ban sugar-filled drinks larger than 16oz. One sugary drink that didn’t get the heave-ho was Starbuck’s staple Frappuccino. This overly processed coffee favorite got to slide because the benefits of dairy outweigh the excessive amount of sugar in it…

Uhhh… What?

So the frap syrup, milk, whipped cream and caramel/chocolate sauce is more healthy than a 20oz ginger ale? No!

Don’t worry, it’s a non-milkshake courtesy of Lula’s

If we’re looking ounce for ounce, skim milk and cola are equivalent in calories. So that means anything other than skim has more cals than cola. But wait, cola has the sugar! Well in 8oz of skim milk there’s 16g of sugar. But what are the health benefits they speak of in milk?

Calcium and vitamin D.

God forbid you step outside your house to get vitamin D from sunlight, right? There is scientific evidence that cow’s milk contributes to the susceptibility of type 1 diabetes. Also there’s a giant backlash on soy right now and how it causes breast cancer, but did you know that you’re at greater risk of heightened estrogen in your body if you are consuming cow’s milk? Well think about it; in order to get milk you have to have a baby, and when you’re pregnant you have increased hormones. Let alone dairy cows are bred to produce more milk than what is required in nature. So that means they are given addition hormones and to prevent inflamed mammaries, they’re given antibiotics. You know the saying, you are what you eat so that means you are ingesting what the cow is too. By the way fellas the insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) which is found in cow’s milk has had a consistent association to prostate cancer. Oh and heart disease and obesity has been linked to dairy products due to the high levels of fat and cholesterol Anyone who consumes 2 or more servings of dairy daily are at higher risk for heart disease. Let alone there has been correlation between dairy and MS.

So let me ask you this, does the health benefits of milk really counter the calories? You know if you take dairy out of your diet you’re at less risk for osteoporosis as well. You know what Mayor Bloomberg, I’ll take the ginger ale please.

Take a look at this report:


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