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Happy Birthday Julia!


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One thought on “Happy Birthday Julia!

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    I had to reblog this post from our food blog. George wrote me this song for my 27th birthday. How many people can say they had a song written about them? I am so incredibly lucky to have fallen in love with such a wonderful, caring, talented, brave, and handsome man. I said I don’t like doing more than one post in a day, but this isn’t really a post… right? Okay, so the day before he completely stopped talking, George said very staggered, “I wrote you a song. I was going to sing it for you at our wedding but I there wasn’t time.” In which I responded, you wrote me a song? He then responded slowly, “Do you want me to sing it?” I emphatically said yes. He then began to try to sing the song to me, but unfortunately I couldn’t understand it. But it instantly became my favorite song. And I told him that. My goodness, he was the sweetest soul. On earth we lost an exceptionally great person. But somewhere beyond, they gained one.

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