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Lies about Lies about Mainstream Nutrition


To be perfectly honest, when I first read “Top 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition” I thought it was a joke.  Many of the cited  “lies” were dated and not current.  Like the FDA and Co., we struggle to keep up with current nutrition facts.  We crave one simple and true list.  As we evolve as humans (we are not cavemen) so does our diets.  With all the cancers and heart attacks linked to our growth-hormoned, antibiotic drunken , feces-saturated, GMO-fed dairy and meat supply, organic vegan is the way to go.  Even if you eat grass-fed, antibiotic free, organic meat and dairy you still are exposed to the dangers that come with excessive hormones (cancer) and artery plaque (heart attacks and bypasses) .

Another shelter of truth is big beef, milk and egg lobbies that will do anything to make the public believe that their products are safe and essential for proper health.  These lobbies will fund their own studies and report only the results in their favor.  They will blame high cholesterol, heart disease and cancer on many “other” factors.   When money is made by people bankrolling a study, it’s bogus or suspect at best.  (Putting in Paranoia Here).  It is likely that the author of this article (Kris Gunnars) is being paid by the meat, egg, dairy, Adkins’ diet  and especially the Paleo diet people to write this piece of propaganda.

Here’s a list of Kris Gunnars “Lies” of Mainstream Nutrition.

1. Eggs Are Unhealthy
2. Saturated Fat is Bad For You
3. Everybody Should be Eating Grains
4. Eating a Lot of Protein is Bad For Your Bones and Kidneys
5. Low-Fat Foods Are Good For You
6. You Should Eat Many Small Meals Throughout The Day
7. Carbs Should Be Your Biggest Source of Calories
8. High Omega-6 Seed and Vegetable Oils Are Good For You and lie
9. Low Carb Diets Are Dangerous.
10. Sugar is Unhealthy. 
11. High Fat Foods Will Make You Fat

While I’m not a negative guy but as a vegan and Nutritarian, I feel it is my duty to respond to each item in the article “Top 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition.”  As a facebook response to this post, I responded “This is the exact opposite of what I believe to be true.”  This article makes my head spin because I disagree so much.

myths george steak banana

The irony to this post is I am being the type of person that I am suggesting you avoid.  Nutrition discoveries are always changing so it is important not to resort to a single source or blog (includes Where do I get the truth?  There are several people I trust but even they do not agree on everything.   Here’s my Nutritional Knowledge Dream Team and yes, they are vegans:

Dr. Joel Fuhrman,    preventing and reversing disease through nutritional methods.   Author of Eat to Live

Dr.Michael Greger,   American physician, author, professional speaker.  

Dr. John A. McDougall  author of The Starch Solution: The McDougall Plan: 12 Days to Dynamic Health, diet coach and has his own line of vegan foods.

Me and MacDougall

Me and MacDougall

Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D. ,  former heart surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic  Author of the book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Dr. Neal D. Barnard, founder of the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine(PCRM) – author of Tackling Diabetes explaining how a low-fat vegan diet can fight diabetes.

Dean Ornish, M.D.   is the founder and president of the non-profit Preventive Medicine Research Institute  research demonstrating, for the first time, that comprehensive lifestyle changes may begin to reverse even severe coronary heart disease, without drugs or surgery.  Recently, Medicare agreed to provide coverage for this program, the first time that Medicare has covered a program of comprehensive lifestyle changes. 

These professionals are on the cutting edge as they treat patients with nutrition instead of pills.  They are not funded by big business.  Most of them are a part of a group called Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine(PCRM) and most are vegans .  I have read so many studies on the China Study being flawed but have never understood these critics.  How can you ignore the incredibly case of prostate and breast cancer? How can you be blind to the China Study’s Cancer Maps?

Kris Gunnars is telling the people what they want to hear.  Eat meat, cholesterol is harmless,  fat is good.  While I don’t disagree with everything (Kris still considers sugar bad and am still on the fence about hating gluten), Gunnars’ article upsets me.

Stay tuned as I start with #1 Eggs Are Unhealthy


More Vegetables, Less Cancer

Fuhrman and Kraynak

Fuhrman and Kraynak

…or something like that.  This is the kind of bold statement Dr. Joel Fuhrman might make.  I continue my coverage of “The Seed: A Vegan Experience”

Dr.Joel Fuhrman spoke on “Winning the War Against Cancer” in his keynote speech on Saturday, June 16th.  In the spirit of Campbell and Esselstyn (Forks Over Knives), Fuhrman’s doctoring style is nutrition as a cure and drugs as a last resort.  While herbalists, health store owners and eastern medicine lovers have been preaching this for years, the medical community has often been slow in embracing this idea.  Fuhrman brings the science and some very bold statistics that suggest that living a life of what he calls “Super Immunity” will protect you from cancer, cure cancers, prolong life and repair the damage done from eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) for so long. 

As he simply puts it: Health equals Nutrients/Calories or H=N/C for short.  This ideology encourages a higher nutrient to lower calorie ratio, avoiding especially empty calories (containing no nutrients).   I originally saw Dr.Fuhrman in the documentary Vegucated.  I encourage you to read his book Super Immunity.  He’s quite the visionary and quite passionate about his practice.

These are some of Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s beliefs:

•  Too much protein causes cancer
•  Korea has a 90 percent lower breast cancer before introduction of fast food into their diet.
•  White rice is one of the worst things you could eat (zero nutrients)
•  Salt causes stomach cancer
•  It’s a myth that we are living longer these days
•  Living longer numbers are bogus and are actually skewed by less infant mortality rate, due to better childbirth/running water etc.
•  We are suffering longer – we now get sick 10-15 years before we die
                Used to be our quality of life goes down 2-3 months before death
•  Antibiotics cause cancer
•  ITC’s (Isothiocyanates) in cruciferous vegetables repair the dha, neutralize cancer-causing carcinogens
•  All oil is bad – goes directly into the blood stream and instantly turns into fat
•  Grounded up flax seeds not flax-seed oil
•  Flax seeds-prevent breast cancer
•  Best soy products are tempeh and edamame
•  Worse soy products  is tofu dogs and soy protein shake
•  Men who eat beans 3 times a week have 50 percent lower colon cancer
•  Mushrooms make immunity system work better
•  Mushrooms prevent growth of blood vessels – No blood vessels, tumors can’t grow
•  Mushrooms don’t allow you to get fat.
•  You only need a small amount of mushrooms to get these benefits
•  Half cup of onions per day equals 100 percent protection from cancer
•  Half pound of green vegetables per day equals 100 percent protection from cancer
•  Strawberries make you live longer and also prevents colon cancer
•  The best diet is a vegan one that includes nuts and seeds

You Ever Wonder Why?

The Key to the best possible health or becoming what Fuhrman calls a “Nutritarian”…
GOMBBS: Greens, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, Beans and Seeds

Sound radical?  You may ask why his findings are not always embraced by the medical community.  It’s been suggested that one possible reason, is that it’s hard for a Doctor to completely abandoned what they were taught and is the current medical thought of the time.  After all, doctors have given this contrary advice for years.

I think we can all agree, GOMBBS makes sense. Dr.Fuhrman’s statistics are hair-raising and certainly brings a new chapter to how we view our health.  Read more and decide for yourself.

Here’s the Q&A.  What did I ask?  Watch and find out

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