George and Julia's Vegan Underground


2012 has been our first year vegan.  That doesn’t sound like much but everyone has to start somewhere. 

George hailed from Ohio, land of cows, dairy, rust, buckeyes and much more.  Called by most, the backyard beer and barbeque capital of the world most Ohioans hadn’t heard of a vegan (or even a vegetarian) until about age six.  Even then it was only mentioned with a chuckle by someone’s hippy Dad or a “naive” little Lisa Simpson.   A trip to Ohio involves a lot of nuts, french fries, pasta and peanut butter.  It’s not in an Ohioan’s DNA, in fact it the ultimate act of rebellion. 

Julia grew up in a suburban Connecticut household where steak was served 3 to 7 times a week.  Vegetables were tolerated but never the main course.  While more health conscious then George’s Ohio upbringing, Julia’s vegan announcement was met with quiet, eye-rolling encouragement.  George being the assumed cause. 

So this month you’re vegan?  Nobody (necessarily) wanted us to fail but a sigh of relief would have been heard amongst George and Julia relatives.  “Well, I’m glad that’s over!” Uncle Denny might utter while sticking a fork into one of his perfect meatballs.

The vegans today are different.  We’re different.  This is not a “look at how great we are because we’re vegan” blog.  We’ve been blogging about food for three years.  Our blog, “George and Julia Eat Manhattan” has continued to be wildly popular despite its vegan turn.

Our naïveté’ is our strength.  We are fresh vegans figuring out how to live vegan in a carnivore world.  This is our adventures.  While it will continue to be New York City based, it will include tales from the kitchen, traveling, shopping, health and maintaining our foodie ways.  We’ve become more creative out of necessity. 

We will do more than visit vegan and vegetarian restaurants.  We’ll point out great vegan “finds” everywhere we go.  They’ll be tips, tricks and hopefully our audience will offer up some advice too.

Last but not least, you’ll hear about the way the vegan life has brought us closer as a couple.  It’s an exciting game to discover a new vegan eatery or another dish that Julia’s made delish. 

What started out as a month long challenge has grown to be a lifestyle change we don’t want to shake.  We both feel great and it’s cliché’ to say but my only regret is that I didn’t do this at a younger age.  I know you’re saying, “big deal four months.  Let’s see where you are in 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years.” That’s exactly what you’re going to see.   

Join us or watch. 


George of George and Julia


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